Portola Walk

Portola Walk | Pipeline | Boudreau Pipeline
Portola Walk | Pipeline | Boudreau Pipeline

Portola Walk


Project Location:
La Habra, CA

Olson Company


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One of our favorite stories from this project is the owner issued a new set of plans that added a 1” water service crossing La Habra Blvd. The Boudreau Team informed the client that would be very costly and that the group should explore other options to save cost. Boudreau provided Olson Co. a few different ideas of how to eliminate the service, and through our team's ideas and some onsite discovery, we located an existing water service that Olson Co. was able to utilize, this saved Olson Company about $40,000.00.

The storm drain was an interesting design, it has 4 smaller retention systems (small site) that all lead into six (6) 22’ deep drywells. This will keep a very large portion of the rainwater onsite, only in a large rain event will water leave the site. On such a tight site typically the drilling of the drywells would shut down any other production work, but we were able to coordinate the installation of our domestic and fire lines while the sub-contractor completed the wells. To date we continue to be 2 weeks ahead of schedule!

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