Career Technical Education Expo for Students!!

Team Boudreau was proud to be involved with the Corona-Norco Unified School District Career Technical Education Expo this Saturday, October 5th! The CTE programs are equipping students with skills to better prepare them for future careers after graduation with programs for STEM academies, agricultural education, manufacturing and engineering.

· Marketing Manager, Cassandra, was on the Building & Construction panel to answer questions about the industry for students exploring career paths.

· Talent Acquisition Specialist, Valerie, was performing mock interviews with students and providing valuable feedback.

· We brought our CAT excavator simulator for students to experience what our operators do on the field and get an idea of the diverse career opportunities at Boudreau! You can see the boss making sure everything is running smoothly. Hi Alan!

We loved spending time with the eager students searching for inspiration and answers for their future! Building a better life for community and family, We Dig the Future!