Manufactured Housing Industry (MHP)



The Boudreau Pipeline Team is considerate, careful and respectful to your residents while working on your park. They also have a serious case of a CAN-DO attitude!

Building a better life for community and family; we dig the future! This means that our mission is to create a safer environment for the Manufactured Housing Community and ensure that your utilities are safe and up to date. 

Boudreau Pipeline has a strong team of 260 employees, large enough to assure that we can complete your job in the safest and least invasive manner to your residents! This team includes both field and office staff that will communicate with you, your residents and utility companies.

Our MHP Division has been servicing California communities since 1977. When you work with us, we bring you over 40 years of experience, 200 Manufacturing Housing Parks built and converted over 100,000 units from master meter to individual gas, electric and water meters.

Contact our MHP Division

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We are bold enough to say...

  • More than 200 employees in the field, including 40 Foreman, available at your service!

  • 140 pieces of equipment and machines to get your job done, and done right.

  • We understand working in the homes of existing residents...we strive to be the least obstructive for your residents.

  • Proud member of WMA and MHET! We support you, and our industry!

"As one of the mobile home park in California selected to be part of the MOBILE HOME PARK UTILITY UPGRADE PROGRAM, we began by choosing Boudreau Pipeline Corporation as our contractor. This proved to be one of our ALL TIME best decisions. The conversion of the master meter gas and electric system to an individually metered park has been completed by Boudreau Pipeline. As our park is sixty years(+ or-) old we encountered many unforeseen problems with this job such as a gas leak that caused us to have the gas lines placed above ground in various places to allow us to complete the job. We also experienced various situations throughout the park that required work inside the coaches. Boudreau treated our residents with such professionalism and respect. This was key to the conversion of this kind, as the contractor must go inside of the resident's home and assure the safety and continued concern for their home. I know Boudreau went FAR above and beyond their required scope of work without additionally charging the park or residents for the extra costs. Betsy, Dan, & Jeff were extremely knowledgeable and indispensable. We highly recommend Boudreau Pipeline Corporation based upon our experience."

- Managing Member of Rancho Mirage RV & Mobile Village, LLC


What can we do for you?
  • Certified Behind The Meter (BTM) Contractor
  • Repair and replace all underground utilities (gas, electric, water, sewer)
  • Design and install new underground installation
  • Storm drain installation
  • Subsurface Utility Engineering
  • Utility locating/vacuum excavation potholing